The Adult Learning Hub
The Adult Learning Hub

Thrive together in a changing world of work

We are a vibrant, global community, exclusively for adult educators and practitioners.

About us:

The Adult Learning Hub is made up of passionate adult educators and practitioners who are ready for something new.

Think of it as a vibrant community of practice in your pocket. As a member, you can accomplish goals that you've set for yourself; build effective habits that support your professional growth; and better navigate the challenging aspects of your work, together with other like minded peers. 

Our members experience an increase in confidence as adult learning professionals in a new world of work that has changed dramatically. We are building something different here, and mastering our practice in ways we simply can't on our own. It is built purposefully off of social media, because you deserve an exclusive space to connect with those who are like you and be vulnerable about your practice in a safe and fun environment.

Every time we share a story, experience, or idea, The Adult Learning Hub becomes more and more valuable to each member. It's a living/breathing knowledge base that each person can tap into, to make better and more informed decisions, growing personally and professionally.

You can learn more about how the Hub got it's start here. Interested in hearing more? Read on!

Why you should join:

As a member, you can enjoy exclusive access to:  

  • The Adult Learning Hub members-only app (compatible with iOS and Android devices; also accessible on a desktop). The platform is intuitive, fun and easy to use. We do this purposefully off of social media, so you can have a quiet, exclusive area to share and interact with other like-minded practitioners on topics that are important to you.
  • Monthly, expert led, 'Masterclass' series with world-renowned thinkers, academics, learning leaders and game changers in adult education (combination of live & recorded sessions)
  • Regular networking and best practice sharing opportunities through direct messaging with other members, online discussions and live-collaboration tasks (our favorite!)
  • Career and job opportunities, just for adult educators/practitioners. 
  • Exclusive curated content and academic articles contributed by key voices in adult education and life long learning.
  • Access to our 'Reader's Room' (monthly book club), and 'Writer's Corner' to collaborate with other members or host your own articles, blogs and reflections.
  • Sharing of your own content and getting feedback in a safe environment in our 'Community Mirror' space.
  • All of the above and so much more!

A big thank you goes to:

To all contributors, academics and facilitators who make The Adult Learning Hub possible.

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